Critical Acclaim


The Fimasaurus wine is named after our friend, the internationally renowned, Uzbek pianist, Fima Bronfman, who frequently plays in our concert series Chamber Music in Napa Valley.  The dinosaur name was inspired by Phillip Roth’s novel, The Human Stain, in which Fima appears at the Tanglewood Festival.  Roth describes his Promethean pianistic power and calls him “Bronfman the Brontosaur.”Read the Book Excerpt


BRONFMAN WINS A GRAMMY AND GETS PAID IN WINE, “I have to brag about something that’s much more important to me than anything else in my career: There is a wine named after me – Fimasaurus, a blend of cabernet and merlot produced by John Kongsgaard in Napa Valley.” Read the Bloomberg interview with Fima.


Chamber Music in Napa Valley a non-profit 5013c, was founded in 1980 to present the best international musicians to the Napa Valley audience. The concert series is directed by Maggy and John Kongsgaard. Chamber Music in Napa Valley also presents Concerts for Students, bringing Classical music to Napa Valley students at all grade levels.