Vintage Notes

Dear Friends of Kongsgaard Wine, 

2019 is another exquisitely expressive vintage.  Over the decades, our style has been clearly established and internationally admired – inspired by the great French antecedents, but with our unique terroirs making their undeniable mark on the wines.  You know what to expect from us in the way of concentration, and dare we say ‘minerality.’  One of the remarkable aspects of our Covid isolation is that the wine journalists couldn’t come around to taste the wines in barrel, so we can’t quote their usual, embarrassingly golden, prose to describe the wines we are presently offering.  And while we are too modest to come up with any of those very special descriptions, we are certain you will enjoy this wonderful new brood.

All the difficulties of the past year are overshadowed by Maggy passing away last June.  She defined “the fearless leader,” and it was her vision and courage that got Kongsgaard Wine off the ground with our first vintage 25 years ago.  When she and John married in 1979, the plan was always to start a winery despite the formidable practical realities.  It was the range and depth of Maggy’s imagination that allowed us to take our first steps in 1996.  Her clear-sighted leadership steered us to slowly grow the winery to our present 3500 cases, buy the ranch on Atlas Peak in 2004, dig the cave in 2006, and plant the 12 acres of vineyard up here.

She left us some clear marching orders and we are carrying on with the unique cadence of her warmth and wit always in the back of our minds.  Over the last decade, Evan has increasingly been organizing the business side of our endeavor as General Manager; and Alex, now the fourth generation of our family to own the ranch where The Judge vineyard thrives, also has come to lead the winery.  He and John have long collaborated in the winemaking, and now John, at 70, works for him, rather than the other way around.  We are delighted to have another generation on board for the long haul.

The sad day of Maggy’s death in June 2020 was followed by the fire in August. The vines survived, but not the crop at the Atlas Peak ranch; hence no 2020 Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc to offer you this year.  Happily, all the rest of our fruit in Carneros and at The Judge vineyard was spared – more on that next year when those wines are offered.

We are so grateful for your support; a winery’s customers are an essential part of the picture, just as a great orchestra is nothing without an audience in the concert hall.  We wouldn’t be 25 years into this great adventure without you!

Thank you,

John Kongsgaard, Alex Kongsgaard, and Evan Frazier

Kongsgaard Vineyard